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Large-Scale or Intimate, Kathy Buist’s Fierce Intensity in Paint Demands Attention


“Ms. Buist’s small, swiftly captured sensations can be particularly convincing.”
- The New York Times, Phyllis Braff

“There is a generous amount of visual energy in Kathy Buist’s Long Island and Vermont scenes, so richly brushed they make the paint seem almost sensual. Her views are powerful and successful, for each wide stroke abbreviating a unit of vegetation takes on a comparatively grand scale in this format.”
- The New York Times, Phyllis Braff

Buist explores the forms and contrasts of landscape in a way that is at the same time dramatic and deeply honest. “When I see a landscape, I'm always trying to look beyond the structures of what I see into something more inward, more elemental.”


Each of these visual dramas, ranging from seven feet long to just four” by six inches”, is a play of strong, urgent forms, dominated, by a fresh and vigorous light that is always the most powerful character.


Of the range of scale in her work, Buist says, “Big and small images are challenging in very different ways. In the large works, it’s preserving spontaneity and coherence in what I'm communicating. With the small works it’s capturing the energy without confining it, in a space that may be not much bigger than a paperback.”

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